The Theatre`s Credo

The Theatre`s Credo

The credo of the theatre for over thirty years now has been: artistic freedom, imagination and dedication.

Credo Theatre stands for a creative space rejecting templates for mass production or cliches in theatre, renouncing inferior artistic flirtations with the audience or conformity with public consumption stereotypes, standing against transactional attitudes which bring the art down to products for sale, the act of making it – into a factory line and the interaction with the audience – into commercial exchange.      

Theatre Credo stands for creativity free of professional or institutional dogmas and prejudice, a space open to novelty, to the unknown and the unfamiliar, in which the greatest artist is the unconfined, emancipated, rejecting stereotypes creative nature. 

Theatre Credo stands for a different physical condition of the creative spirit.

Theatre Credo stands for the entire process from the first rehearsal to the final performance.

Theatre Credo stands for imagination vested in presenting values that matter. 

Theatre Credo is theatre without the fourth wall dividing the stage from the house, it is the theatre of comprehensive interaction with the audience and their engagement in the theatrical act. 

Theatre Credo stands for the theatre of the homo ludens, where the player transforms the viewer and the set into its partners in a shared theatrical game, assigning roles which override their passive positions as mere observers or backdrop of the act. 

Theatre Credo stands for a space for equitable dialogue with the audience in an original, striking, expressive, unorthodox and memorable, but always accessible, emotional and highly artistic theatrical language. 

Theatre Credo stands for a trade mark of extraordinary synthesis of the means of expression of the various art forms – drama and puppetry, comedia dell’arte, slapstick, visual art, music, aimed to create an entirely new theatrical imagery to impact the audience. 

Theatre Credo stands for an aesthetic grounded in the slapstick methodology of analysing and presenting the world.

Theatre Credo stands for the theatre of the Artist who will not compromise their creative conscience or criteria, who will remain responsible for their creation, and will always be genuinely dedicated to the act of creation and perfection.

Theatre Credo stands for a handful of performances only but each amounting to enormous spiritual volume, which has earned them the unique privilege of rarely seen unanimous acclaim by critics and audience alike, in Bulgaria and worldwide.

Theatre Credo stands for direct communication with the world with scores of versions of its performances in different languages. 

Theatre Credo stands for theatre unconfined by age, geographic or national limits, with performances that span several generations of theatre-goers. 

Theatre Credo stands for an internationally renowned Bulgarian brand of ultimate professional quality.

Theatre Credo stands for the stage as “the tribune from which one can do so many good deeds” (N. V. Gogol).

Theatre Credo stands for the conviction that theatre has the calling of being the entertaining and wise purgatory of civilization.  

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